Wake up, Kick A**, Repeat

2022 began as every other year, with celebration, new resolutions and so on and so forth. But something feels different this year. Unlike the years before, on the third day of the new year, I still felt confident to follow through with the resolutions made on the eve of new year. One of which was dedicating time to learn and improve my coding skills.

My relationship with web development has been on an off for years. Always have been a beginner or newbie and never got to a stage where I could say I'm comfortable. Tons of tutorials, Udemy courses and Youtube videos later, I still feel like a beginner (might be imposter syndrome). But as the new year arrived, I made a promise to myself to start fresh. And so just like any beginner, I signed up with FreeCodeCamp and started doing all the exercises religiously. I must say it's going good, but not easy. With a full time job that puts food on the table, spending time to learn something is very difficult. Add a 2 year old to the mix and it's almost impossible. Almost, but never say never.

Somewhere I saw someone say, the most effective way of learning and staying the course is to learn in public. And that's when I decided to start this blog and write about my learnings. Someday hopefully another newbie may come along and see it as an inspiration.

So on day 20, here are few things that's going right so far -

  • Started to wake up early and study: This allows for some me-time before my kid wakes up and I get busy for work.
  • Started reading when I can where I can: Reduced the time spent on Social media sites and started to read more articles, tutorials etc. Even on Social Media, I try to visit web development pages and follow programmers who updates regular content.
  • Started to finish what I started: Taking it seriously and not getting frustrated when things aren't going well.

Is it all going really well? No, definitely not.

  • The second week of Jan, I applied for a job that require you to take a cognitive assessment. On the first try scored in the 70th percentile and felt bad about it. These things affect your self confidence, really.
  • Still adjusting to sleeping patterns. Waking up early wasn't usual for me considering my work hours.

But looking at the progress, I'm happy where I am at now. Lots to learn and lots to share. Hoping to make this a habit of sharing my progress.

Note to self: Wake up, Kick A**, Repeat!!

Note to my future self: You started here. Good job!